4 Pillars Of Cloud Security That You Need To Know!

When it comes to data protection the values remain the same whether it is cloud environment or traditional services. Of course with time we have adopted novel ways and techniques to store and secure the data but cloud security is completely a different approach that has reduced the complexity and boosted the security in a new manner.

Cloud computing, also referred to as cloud security, is the distribution of hosted services, including storage of all the data over the Internet. The whole process entails the security of all the data and avoids unauthenticated access. Features like rapid deployment, scalability, flexibility, low up-front costs, have made cloud computing famous among businesses of all sizes worldwide.

How do businesses choose a cloud provider?

Selecting a particular service for business is not an easy chore and when it comes to security service the journey becomes more challenging. The finest cloud for your organization depends on your commercial requirements, the extent of your business, your existing computing platform and IT infrastructure, and what your objectives are for the upcoming  project and many other things.

To give your business the utmost level of security, the best thing you need to do is assess whether using a specific cloud provider lines up with your enterprise approach.

If it suits your needs, the next step is to authenticate what services you’ll need in your cloud to support this plan.  It is the right manner to choose cloud technologies that will allow you to be able to handle things effortlessly within your enterprise.

While making a choice keep the below listed 4 things in mind that help you achieve enterprise-grade cloud workload protection from breaches, data leaks, and targeted attacks in the cloud environment. But only an integrated cloud computing partner can provides the following industry practices:

Implementation of virtual server protection:

For making the Cloud security vendors management system secure and robust the vendors provide best Cloud Security software’s.  It is crucial to consistently apply governance and compliance rules and patterns when provisioning virtual servers, reviewing for configuration deviations, and remediating robotically where possible.

Enhanced data protection:

The reliable cloud service providers offer enhanced data protection with highest encryption at all transport layers, so that the transfer of secure file shares and communication continues without any risk.

Privileged Access Management:

It is significant to pay equal attention to identity management to leverage robust verification processes to make sure only official employers have the right to use cloud environment, and data. Implement techniques to harden cloud resources, and deactivate unnecessary capabilities and features. Pay attention to role-based access and monitor sessions for better results.

Checking, Notifying, and Reporting:

Adding repeated levels of security and monitoring user activity across all environments is crucial when it comes to integrating and centralizing data. This strategy helps in offering a holistic picture of what is happening in your situation.


If you too are planning to improve your business but not sure if you should take this approach, or don't know how it works then connect with our experienced team. Here at Grey MatterZ we can help you establish a scalable plan. The Cloud Computing Services provided by us help businesses to seamlessly integrate cloud-native security services.  The team makes sure that our solutions offer all the pillars of cloud security that help your business flourish in an effortless manner.

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