AWS Infrastructure Management

AWS Infrastructure Management

Implementing new technology comes with its own set of challenges. We are pioneers in the AWS technology and can make it suit your existing infrastructure. Our primary focus is to provide the next generation technologies with cost-effective AWS solutions. We transform your business through AWS and help you stay competitive in the industry. With the on-demand and elastic nature of AWS cloud services, you can increase the overall usage and lower the expenses. Infrastructure management in the AWS cloud can be used for automation, low-cost storage, high-performance, and zero downtime.

In the case of deployment and management, our AWS team offers four main key features:

Cloud Formation

It is a template-based feature where we can write the templates (JSON, Yaml) in order to provision all the resources in the cloud environment. The templates serve as a source of truth for your AWS cloud environment.

AWS OpsWorks

OpsWorks is a configuration management service that features chef and puppet tools. These tools are related to automation platforms and allow you to write the code for automation on servers.

AWS CodeDeploy

It is a service that facilitates developers to deploy their software into the instances and update them as per the requirement. It automates the software deployments and eliminates the need for error-prone manual operations.

Elastic Bean Stalk

It is a deployment and scaling service for web applications and supports different programming languages like (Java, .Net, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go and Docker). After uploading the code, it automatically manages the load balancing, auto-scaling, capacity provisioning, and health monitoring.

Benefits of Infrastructure Management

  • Automated Deployment: AWS allows you to deploy your software at any platform rapidly and with high reliability. AWS services can scale automatically as per your environment and needs.
  • Easy to use: When using AWS services, you don't have to have expert knowledge of programming languages. You can simply integrate your apps and software using Git Repository, Visual Studio or Eclipse and applications will be ready in minutes.
  • Productivity in Developers: AWS will take care of the underlying platforms and patches, so developers will not have to worry about the configuration of their infrastructure.
  • Resource Control: Based on the type of features required for the high-performance of your application, you can select as many features as you would like.

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