AWS DevOps

What is AWS DevOps?

Devops is an revolutionary in the world of IT that’s creating a new ways of delivering the products and services to the businesses . It emphasizes culture and seeks to improve the collaboration between operations and development teams. The main aim of devopsis automation and monitoring at all phases of software development , from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management.

AWS offers various features which can be set to operate the devops functionalities in the cloud. AWS allow you to build, deploy, monitor, manage the code and as well the infrastructure and also the automating the software releases.


Features offered by AWS for DevOps

Code Commit

It’s a AWS source control service that hosts Git- based repositories which allows the team to collaborate and deploy their source code.

AWS Code Star

It provides the user interface which enables us to manage the software development activities in one place.

Code Pipeline

Itsancontinounsdelievery method that helps you to automate your release process whenever there is change in the code.

Code Deploy

It is an deployment service which automates the source code to various compute services in AWS like Ec2, AWS fargate, AWS Lambda, and in on-premises servers.

Benefits of AWS for DevOps

  • Automation: By Using AWS services all the manual tasks which is related to development, configuration management, deployment can be automated seamlessly.
  • Monitoring: All the Build phase stages from development to production environment can be logged and monitored .
  • Reliability: Quality of application and updates based on infrastructure changes are being maintained accurately and delivered it to the end users.
  • Security: By using compliance policies, fine grained controls and configuration management techinques we can ensure the application is secured in AWS cloud.

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